Bordalos on the Web 3.0

We are now entering the Web3.0 world

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This blog is my first attempt to be part of the new Web3.0. The goal is to educate and learn more about technology and crypto’s world.

The main topics i will focus are:


I will try to answer question like:

  • What is the WEB3.0 and why does it matters?
  • What is IPFS ?
  • How to deploy your website on the Web3.0?


I will share my view about Blockchain tech but also about some Crypto Coins like, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero.


Privacy is one of the main concerns I have on today’s always-connected world. I will cover topics such as Password management, verify Signatures and encryption, VPNs, eMail providers, data storage, but also Social Presence and Online Anon.


The tools I am using to create contents and manage my social life plus any hardware if that is the case. Whenever possible I am going to use FOSS (Free and Open Source Software)